Dejan Strbac
|De-y-an · Sch-tr-batz|

I am an engineer, developer & a day dreamer working on those dreams. I move very often, but these days I am most likely to be found in Zurich, Switzerland.

Besides writing clean, readable and practical code in any open sourced language, I enjoy identifying imperceptible problems, simplifying the same, reading rare books, changing the world, sipping good coffee, meeting interesting people like yourself and especially other Sandboxers.

I research and work on ideas in multiple fields, but most notably in e-commerce, hr, computer networks, innovation and usability. Sometimes I write about them on my blog, which might be occasionally down while I experiment with new forms of publishing.

I try to put my skills and passions into solving real-life problems. You can see my CV / resume here.

If I were to recommend you one single thing to read after my site, it would be The Second Coming — a Manifesto by David Gelernter.

Now, you can email me, or just move on, into randomness.
You won't find me on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.